A downloadable game for Windows

Get ready for the stars and the unknown in this fast-paced adventure game inspired in arcade shooters like Gradius.

As you traverse through the depths of space counter the distorted signals with your F-Type Beam. Remember, the stronger the enemy wave, the longer you have to charge your beam to destroy it.

Join our protagonist that by the workings of fate has been pushed to a mission with no clear chance of return.


AMMA.zip 44 MB


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I know there is lots of different side scrolling shoot em ups out there, this game has quality original ideas using sound weapons which i think is Awesome ,  i have not got passed the first level boss yet so i don't know how many stages there is in the game but if there is only one stage at the moment i would love to see this game fully complete with lots of stages, variation of weird enemy sounds and crazy bosses, also extra weapons or am asking to much at the moment :), love this game & excellent work, both thumbs up from me :)